Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting out of your own way!

I did that! Several times this week in fact. After my awesome Wednesday... I did stuff on Thursday too. Early afternoon movie with a friend (which is another blog post), then coffee with a women I went to high school and a nifty stroll along the Harbor Walk trying to get to the Gillette sign which you can actually get to. After that I was off with twin sis for a quick visit with her friend and then up to Salem to see another friend of hers strum his guitar and sing his songs at the Gulu-Gulu. If you are ever in Salem I highly recommend their Eden crepe-- it was the perfect end to a really nice day.

I used to be really bad about making plans and canceling them--I've gone into the reasons why when I was heavy. However I was still doing this even as the thin version of myself. I'm still figuring out how I fit in... but if you want to have interaction you need to put yourself out there. Doing that is hard for me sometimes. Occasionaly there is awkwardness and rejection, but mostly you get back what you put out there-- kindness, curiosity, humor, and hopefully friendship. Being genuine goes a long way but you need to follow through and participate.


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I agree with what you said...completely. Obviously, rejection happens sometimes, but most of the time people are good. And they respect and like you when you respect and like yourself.

It's fun (even when it's hard at first) to realize life lessons like that. Congrats to you for recognizing it.

Lori said...

It is really hard to be social sometimes. Being able to do small talk is a real art and takes a lot of practice!

And crepes? Yum!

cate said...

This was really surprising to read because I've always thought of you as social! But I definitely get it - would've been very easy to visit Boston quietly, but I've been having so much fun catching up with old friends on FB, that I figured seeing people in person would only be that much more fun! Glad you're getting out and about!

Sarah said...

Thanks Cate! I was pretty social in high school but kind of let that slide as I got older and heavier. Was easier to just hide out and that became how I lived my life-- full time.

But then as I lost the weight I had M... his condition doesn't make for much going out and being social and quite honestly neither for his smarts. So it has become something I have needed to actively work on again, especially since I don't have a job.

I was so glad when you pinged me and Annie! It reminded me that I need to get out more often and that it's not that hard to make an effort. I appreciate you reaching out, especially when you had lots going on!

Sarah said...

That should say, neither do his smarts.