Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm a bit overwhelmed by the move. How do you go from 2500+ square feet to 960? With lots of contractor bags, many trips to GoodWill and relatives who will take pretty much anything you want to pass off on them is how.

We will be having M's sister stay with us for the week. I'm a wee bit nervous but I can whip this place into shape before she gets here on Sunday evening. I've been through all the boxes but can't find the stupid little metal holder upper thingies for my bookcases. I don't want her sleeping among boxes. I imagine Home Depot must have such an item. If not it's back to Ikea to dig through the miscellaneous parts box.

Everything will find it's place. My kitchen is stuffed to the gills. Have had to make some hard decisions-- kept all the LeCruset and my vintage Pyrex and Grandparents china... the rest is still up for debate.

Maybe less food?


Beckett said...

Ha, less food:) No, I think you need a kitchen gadget swap!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Oh, I know about having a stuffed kitchen. Ours is so freaking small, it's insane. And we hardly have any stuff to begin with :D