Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

With credit to Al Franken of course for one of the greatest titles ever of a book.

I suspect we might be in for a VERY SELF RIGHTEOUS Limbaugh in the coming months and possibly year(s) about his weight and his ability to simply get rid of it. I also fear some fat bashing, but I think he'd want to be way under 200 pounds before he gets that blatent. I'm honestly kind of amazed. 90 pounds since February? What is he not eating? He is going to waste away until he can't keep a check on himself. And then it will come back. He'll learn the hard way that this kind of extreme weight loss is not sustainable. It aggravates me to no end that he is promoting a get skinny quick idea and acting so blase about it. I don't think this is what overweight Americans need to hear right now. There needs to be talk of reasonable manageable livable change in our lifestyles. He has a national voice and the message he is spreading will simply add to the yo-yo that so many are on.

Limbaugh may be on a diet high right now but I'm going to assume it won't last. I can see why he probably felt pressure to lose the weight. I was just thinking the other day how difficult life would be for me if I were still heavy, the current climate around healthcare and politics would simply add to my self consciousness. I always felt very conspicuous as a 300+ woman, especially being my heaviest in the fittest state in country. Everyone is blaming the obese for everything; expensive healthcare, global warming, cramped planes. Rush can't get in on that game when he was himself. Earlier this year he tried to say it was the active people that were costing all those healthcare dollars, what with sports injuries and hip replacements and such. I think he realized that wasn't going to fly. Although it is interesting to note that his weight loss is all restrictive diet and not because of exercise, so he could probably still blame those fit folks as well as the fat for costing so many taxpayer dollars.

I wonder at what weight he will consider the shift to maintenance and how long that will last. He's no different than anybody else, quick fixes don't work. I can't wait to see what he'll say when he zooms back up to 300. But for now, he's going to be unpleasantly preachy.


jo said...

I don't listen to Rush. I didn't know he was losing weight. I just look at that 90 since February. I have worked my ass off (literally) since February and I'm down 39.5. Who wouldn't want to lose 90 in the same amount of time? Yet, I'm making mental changes, self discoveries, attitude adjustments as well as losing weight.

You're right in that it's not setting a good example. I don't know what weight he got up to, I do know men lose faster and the heavier they are, the faster it comes off in the beginning, but still...

I'd rather be in my shoes. And I'm one that whines that I'm the tortoise.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I wonder if he had surgery or is just starving himself? That is awfully fast, even for a man.

It took me 14 months to lose 150 pounds. That was 12 years ago.

I hope he's not hurting himself.

Lori said...

Rush is just another D-list celebrity hopping on a quick fix weight loss wagon. He has tried so many times to lose weight over the years and always gains it back. It's because he is very short sighted (not to mention just a big gasbag) about his goals.

Too bad people are going to try to emulate that (ugh??)

Sarah said...

Great sum up of the program he is doing here.


How umm, Republican that someone is making money off of others desperation.

Anonymous said...

I hope he is hurting himself, and it's something that will be attributable to crash diets, and will make everybody think. I try to know nothing about this man, nothing but crap and lies come out of his mouth. I may go read what he's doing, and look forward to watching his weight go back up to even more.

Mean, but this man is a wart on our nations butthole.