Thursday, August 6, 2009

My own camera

I haven't been taking pictures for a couple of years now. I use the camera on my iPhone a lot, but mostly it's of traffic that's pissing me off, the beach on the Cape where Gram's ashes are or stoopid cat photos. But now, I have my own camera again. The last one I had, an early Canon Elph drown in the bottom of a LV Speedy in a puddle of Diet Coke on my 29th birthday weekend in NYC. Since then I've had numerous cameras at my disposal but they are all way too much work for me and so my picture taking had come to a halt. Well, except for the hundreds of pictures I have taken of myself on my Mac which my husband only recently realized were there. Blogress: that was an oddly embarrassing/interesting moment. We were transferring pictures to my new Mac and M couldn't believe how many there were. He's in several... but I guess he didn't really know how often I took one. He was all, this is hilarious, and randomly started clicking on pictures. Most are happy and smily however the ones from last fall are depressing as all get out. They are a good indication of where I am with my weight. It comes back quick in my cheeks when I put on a few and taking a picture every few days helps me with perspective on maintenance.

Growing up as a kid my Dad was always taking pictures, both professionally and personally. Back in the day of film he took his own photographs for the stories he wrote and I can remember trips into Worcester to the T&G to bring in the film by deadline. I assume digital has changed all that. Point is I grew up around nice cameras and lenses. Now it's my husband with the nice camera and lenses. Twin sis also has a nice camera and lenses, (notice a pattern) and also a more advanced point and shoot she carts everywhere. She takes AMAZING pictures and keeps a photoblog that I check regularly. Between her and my husband they have some incredible skills/eye for composition but each also has their own forte. Twin sis takes amazing macro pics and the husband takes amazing portraits.

I just want to take good pictures of things I wish to get rid of on eBay, CL or whatever. Hopefully in a year we will be moving somewhere. Maybe near, maybe far, that's to be determined. This fall however it's time to get serious about applying to graduate programs. M said where ever.... so I'm looking into it. Regardless though, we need to downsize. I have no idea how in 7 years of being together we have so much stuff, but it has to go. Any Wallace Nutting fans out there? I'll make you a great deal on some antique hand colored photos.

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