Sunday, August 2, 2009


Leaning over sinks is now a different experience. Such a mundane little thing, but in the bathroom to see the mirror my skin would rest on the sink. In the kitchen it acted like a bumper up against the counter.

Now when I lean over the sink in the bathroom, I simply lean over it, nothing touches. In the kitchen I can stand flush up to the counter and cabinets. Like I said in my last post I am still missing some feeling so in the kitchen that feels a bit odd, this blank spot of no sensation except for swelling fullness. It feels worse than it looks, even at my puffiest I'm still flat.


jo said...

You know, it's not really a mundane thing...

I'm still heavy, so when I stand at a sink my belly always gets wet and I'm a long way from the sink.

I do remember being thin and standing at a sink, now that you mention it.

Congrats on that...must be a neat feeling. (Or lack of feeling, hope that comes back.)

HugeMD said...

Cool. The little things in life you don't think about!

Shelley said...

What an awesome feeling!