Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Back to 159.2 this morning. I would like to be around 155, I am very comfortable there. The cardio of the move will help. Since I don't want to blow a months rent on movers, we are moving lots of the boxes ourselves this time.

The bulky furniture can be left to the professionals. So to that end last night my mom came over and helped me pack up my china closet. Like my Gram (who would have been 81 today) I can never have enough. I am hoping that when we move I will be able to use the Hutch that came with my dining room table. It still lives in our basement and M's grandmother's wedding china would look so nice stashed inside. I think it will require hoisting over the back porch. Alas. Also, the idea of being bum rushed with all our boxes next Wednesday is a bit much. There is more than enough storage to start putting stuff away even if there is no real furniture yet.

So off I go to prime so thetwin sis can help me paint this evening. On Thursday I'll be waiting for RCN and will have internets! And if M has his way, a new TV.

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Cammy said...

I swore after my last move that I would never move another box. We'll see how firmly I hold to that when it comes to write the check next time.

Painting will be great exercise! I need to do some of that myself.

Good luck with your move!