Monday, June 23, 2008

Day One of the Summer of Chemistry

I'm nervous. Summer school when I was in high school was a blast. But I am not sure that the Russian was as hard as the Chemistry will be. Maybe it is all just a bunch of hype-- so someone can make a few more bucks tutoring. I dunno, but if M is about to drop 7500$ on hearing aids then I can figure this out on my own. I don't begrudge the expense at all. Last time he looked into new ones his were already 5+ years old. Now they are two years older and the technology is so much better. New ones would be good for both him and me. There was some stress yesterday around a misunderstanding and I felt just awful that he didn't hear me. But the small twist cone (crikey!!! that's a small) with Jimmys did make me feel better. Sort of. But only because I took forever to eat it. I actually put it down when I got home to tend to something.

The cat found it. I came back into the dinning room to see our BooBear licking the cone which was still standing!

So anyways-- I need to get my but to campus. I'll take the bus in, bring my rain coat and come hell or high water I will ride my bike home today. I'm sure my knee could use it.

I also weighed this am. 159.2. I'll take it, twin sis was over yesterday and there is now less than 20 pounds between us. She'll weigh less than me I am sure. I need to get working on my peace with that. ;-)

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