Sunday, June 1, 2008

To Do

Vacation is officially over.
Tomorrow I need movers, a Chemistry book, and to start packing.

I'll start my day with my own iced coffee too. I bought half and half today and am making Toddy tonight. I normally drink whole milk in my coffee at Starbucks, but we keep 1% here for cereal and hot chocolate. I'll add a T of half and half for creaminess and be a happy camper. I'm looking for ways to cut my expenses... I hope I can stick with this. My coffee shop in Colorado made our iced this way and it was yummy. I have had the Toddy maker forever but haven't used it. Now is a good time to start I think.


appple said...

i'm glad you're off the bux.

it really does suck.

Sarah said...

Yeah, don't let Mike hear you say that.

Not sure if making my own, means I'll drink more or less. I'm thinking more. I'd like my carafe to last at least 5 days.... Not sure it will.