Monday, June 9, 2008

Not really, but it is funny!

more cat pictures
The scale annoys me, but the heat, too much Diet Coke, Salt and a few drinks over the weekend and I was 1sixty2 this am. (Ugh-- I need to get my keyboard fixed.) It fluctuates up and down. I just wish I was fluxing a few pounds less.

I could have eaten better this weekend, but when I put it in perspective there is no way I ate 14,000 extra calories. Which would equal the 4 pounds. I need one of those scales that tells you how much is water... Meh, I need a graphing calculator first.

It is so freaking hot and I feel like my moving progress is stalling out, especially after a weekend of partying, reunioning and the the Celtics game from a suite last night. Today I have been reattaching hardware from the painting I have gotten done, putting away the kitchen and well, that's about it. Oh and some Chemistry. And of course I have been laying in the cool of the bedroom lamenting the fact that I am ridiculously unmotivated today.

Tomorrow will better. Hotter, but better.


Cammy said...

Considering all you've had going on lately, I think a rest day is highly deserved! A cool rest day, that is.

G.G. said...

I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog a few weeks ago--I've visited your blog before and what you've done is so inspiring. Thanks for the encouragement you gave me, too.

Hope the heat improves. Ya'll are getting walloped with it.