Sunday, June 1, 2008

Feeling less stuffed

I had 20g of fiber before I went to bed last night and this morning things were moving. I literally had to chew each bite of these hockey pucks of fiber over 50 times. My husband suggested some fiber supplements, but I prefer things that I can actually feel cleaning me out. The texture of these will assure that. If you can't see it, each has 14g of fiber!!!

So about Grandma-- She was always backed up and either took pills to go or not too go. She lived well into her 90's and although she has breast cancer it was her colon that felt apart at the end. Her insides had spent a lifetime of being way too full or way to empty and in the end, they just broke apart. Or so my mother tells me. I was still in Colorado when she died, but before she did she and I got to spend a delightful car ride together from Pittsburgh to the Cape. She had worked hard in her youth but got heavier later in life, too many Twinkies and white bread. But as she got even older the weight came off her again and I was amazed at how well she continued to get around. That long car ride was hard on her but she handled it like a trooper. Especially when every time we stopped the handicapped bathroom was as far away from the door as you could get. She probably ate too much red meat and sweets but she lived a long full life as the result I think of her youth spent on the farm. Her only real chronic health problems (that I knew about) was the afore mentioned constipation.

I think that is hereditary. Now that I am more or less regular I miss it when I am not. It doesn't take much for it to go wrong. When I was heavier I got backed up all the time. No wonder-- I ate nothing with fiber and drank very little water. A week would go by and my lower intestines would start to ache. I relied on laxatives to get me moving again but would have to take many... The results were often unpredictable and then when Grandma died, well, that was a good reason to be eating more fiber instead of relying on pills.

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