Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bzzt Bzzt

So.... Class starts Monday. I had a long discussion with the tutor about how I ended up deciding on the Harvard class. There are other options, but none that fit my schedule or were near my house. There was no way that I was driving to UMass Boston everyday from Watertown. Instead, I'll ride my bike, which I got all spiffed up and is waiting for me to pick it up on Monday. NE was too long (12 weeks) and the vacation in the Outerbanks with M in early June was invaluable to our relationship. I am also expecting we will spend a couple weeks on the Cape at the end of the summer and BU's program while not as long as Northeastern would have cut far into August. It's not that I can't grasp this material-- it's just the speed at which it comes. I showed the calendar to M and his reaction, "Woah!"

I also asked the tutor (who is one of the buffest guys I have ever met) if he notices wether people lose or gain weight. His answer was worded oddly. But yes seems to be the general consensus. No time to eat? I wonder what the scale will tell me in 8 weeks.

Hopefully under 160. Still hovering just above it. Grrr.... A little more chocolate lately. M is dealing with a chronic health problem, but this is of the come and go variety. It's been 31 months since the last attack. I had been convinced he was all better it had been so long-- it will pass. I don't need snacks to help me deal. I should continue to repeat that.

I still struggle with the emotional eating sometimes. But in teh great scheme of things I don't eat like I used to.

Time for dinner-- I made a pot pie. And the buzzer on this Hot Point reminds me of the stove from the house in Barre. It's also electric, my only beef with this fabulous kitchen. I miss the gas, but grew up with electric, I'll readjust.

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