Friday, June 6, 2008

Slow Down Sparky

I love the place we are moving into. However, the it has not been painted in a long time. It was built in 1926 and in many places the original paint is still there, but marred with anything from spackle, a random coat of primer, polyurethane (on the baseboards), smoke, grime, dirt and food. We have now painted M's office, my office (well primed at least), my closet :D and the bedroom. M's office was easy-- no one had ever painted over the wood work. Thank goodness, trim is the devil. Twin sis helped out in a huge way tonight. A nexus of rooms-- my office/closet, kitchen, hall closet, dinning room, bedroom and bathroom all meet in the same place. It's boatloads of trim, but not much wall space.

Not sure what or when I'll paint more rooms. There was much discussion about it tonight. I'd like to get it done... but things like the bathroom will have to wait until August. I have never seen so many blue paints sponged on highlighted with silver metallic clouds. The extra paint (4 different colors) is still in the closet. I should take pictures for posterity before I paint it down-- my crappy description doesn't do it justice. The dining room and kitchen are a tossup as to which first. The living room will be last-- not much bare wall and paint-free trim. I'll spend more time taping it off. Colors are TBD and the landlord asked me to paint the bedrooms first and see how it came out. I extended that slightly but I understand why he is wary of people wanting to throw color up on the wall. I'm living with the aftermath of that gone wrong, I have every intent of keeping with feel of the house and faux painting is just not.

I'm very excited to start unpacking over there. We will be moving the cats and hopefully a mattress before 9 am in the morning. I'm not sure I can pull it off, I missed the Fox 25 morning news every day this week because I slept too late. I'll give it the good old prep school try.

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Cammy said...

Ah, a house with character! It must be a lot of fun (despite the hard work) to see it all come together the way you want it.

You've inspired me to pick up my paint brush tomorrow!