Friday, June 6, 2008

The coming crush of activity

Today I have some more moving and packing and upper body working to do and a chemistry tutoring session at 5:30 for a break. Tomorrow it is up bright and early and off to my high school for a fun filled day of reunioning. It is not our 15th but the class ahead of us. It will be fabulous to see some old friends. The weather is supposed to be hot and humid but I don't care. One of the activities is a leisurely hike- I am so there. I was never active in high school and never took advantage of those kind of things. I hated the Mountain Day tradition, felt like it was a forced death march and did as little PE as possible. The things I missed out on.

Then Sunday home very early via the flea market, more packing and moving and then w00t a Celtics game. I know it is not just any game. It is the free food and drinks that have been hyped, but I am more interested in the experience. Alcohol has too many empty calories for me.

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