Monday, June 23, 2008

It's like learning a language

Immersion style. That's what Chemistry will be like, or so the Proff says, but I am sure he has never immersed himself in a language. It's like that money guy who says that paying off debt is like losing weight, do the two relate? Maybe.

So it went just fine except that I got soaked on the way across Harvard Sq. I didn't even have to go far, but buckets fell from the sky, I had to take off my shoes and roll up my pant legs. (I had on jeans thinking the first lab was today, grumble) My umbrella was almost useless and the water dripped off my bag and down my leg. I sat freezing cold miserable through the almost 3 hour long class. I lined myself with paper-towels before class started and it was only marginally helpful. I had brought a sweater (trying to be prepared) but the wool was damp and even putting my rain coat on over it didn't help much. I can not express how cold I was. Nail beds were turning blue, teeth were chattering. I have cold womans disease, but this was over the top. I'd give anything (well, not anything) for the days when weather like today made me sweat.

I rode my bike home and it was a fast ride, less than 20 minutes. w00t. If only this unsettled weather would move out. I'm transporting myself tomorrow-- Twin Sis has her Vespa in the back of my truck for transportation to some competent mechanics.


appple said...

hooray for bike rides!

boo for getting soaked.

perhaps some wet-weather riding gear would help?

Sarah said...

I was on foot when the skies opened up. :c( I hadn't picked up my bike yet.

But the puddles on the way home. I need something that will keep me from being striped. Any idea what those are called? Maybe I should just get rack for books.

But yes hooray for bike rides. Is great for the knee!

appple said...

you need a rear wheel mudguard. they're pretty inexpensive and easy to install. something like this ought to help: