Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where are your stretch marks?

I need to be cutting myself some slack.  I have never ever been good at this.  Why is it that less than three months after the baby I am already feeling like I should be back to my pre-pg weight?  I am not a super model, a celebrity or a food obsessed blogger so why am I comparing myself to them? Bad Sarah.

When I had my six week check-up with the OB he said to give myself four months before I got serious about losing the weight.  He also asked me, not joking, where are your stretch marks?  I didn't gain a single new mark, all though there were days where I was convinced they were just waiting to happen.  I think because of how my plastic surgeon cut and pulled the skin, my "fat stretch marks" were able to accommodate my baby without the need for new ones.  My abdominal scar weathered pregnancy well except that I am pretty sure it was what kept my baby breech. I was stitched down so tight and there is enough scar tissue in there that I don't think she was comfortable head down.  

The c-section scared the crap out of me, but in the end, it was fine.  Easiest recovery ever-- I think because the pregnant body is on hyper heal and in top form.  They went in over my old scar and then through the fascia a bit to the left, basically where I broke open in '09.  I came back together really well.  Scar is currently a bit red and in some places pigmented.  I also have some pigmentation in my knee and thigh lift scars that will probably never go away. If that's the worst of it then I got off easy.

I think I am going to give myself to the end of the year before I get serious...  I have always been awesome at the J.1. start.  Currently I am tracking what I am eating but slacking on the effort to cut back.  It's the holidays, I am more or less okay with where I am at for the moment and life has been a bit stressful.  Too stressful to diet imho but not too stressful to maintain.  I was trying to diet for a week or so, but nursing my baby is still important to me and my limited supply was affected by less calories.  I can see that coming to end however.  I think a better use of 75$ a month would be for a gym membership and not a breast pump.  Being a mom comes with all sorts of trade offs.

Despite the extra pudge I am very happy with how I came out the other side of being pregnant.


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Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for these great insights Sarah!

If you were a "food obsessed blogger" with a dieting-perfection mentality, you probably would have regained long ago. I'm very glad you recognize the harm in being too restrictive and hard on yourself. Good heavens, there's a huge amount of social pressure to lose weight quickly after giving birth, which only puts added stress on new mothers who already have more than enough stress to manage!

Wonderful to see your return to blogging!