Sunday, December 11, 2011

The secret ingredient

Is exercise.

I want to join a gym again, maybe go mornings?  She's a happy baby then, could leave her with husband, once on weekends and then twice a week?

I am tired of hurting... but still have a couple of years to go to get to five years knee surgery free. 3rd ACL was festering 5 years ago about now. Ew.  And then 3 years ago I was dying from the worst.pain.ever.  Bone granules from the graft I needed post debridement got stuck and calcified in my soft tissue while working their way up and out of the tibial tunnel.  Ouch.

I can't believe that was five years ago.  Was it really that long ago now I was in the best shape of my life?  It was a different knee back then though, empty and raw.  Now it's crowded, remodeled and inflamed.

Data says to lose weight and exercise to reduce OA pain.  It's honestly something I have never given a fair shot.  I should do that.  I've scheduled a physical, time to get a baseline.

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