Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I need a hair cut

I keep waiting for my hair to fall out after pregnancy... but I think if it was going to, it would have by now?  I desperately need a haircut.  It grew so fast at the end of the summer after my last one.  That was a fun day, trip to the salon prior to the firm boat cruise, all the way back in July. Needless to say my split ends are a little out of control almost 5 months later.  I only wash every three days or so, but I blow it out when I do. I need to make an appointment but also need a wingman to watch the wee one. I should do it sooner rather than later though before the damage gets worse.  I'm sure it will still be long even after that is taken off.  I'm continuing to take the prenatal vitamins (without Iron) daily as they do awesome things for my hair and nails!    

Fun fact, baby is as long as some of the longest hairs on my head.

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