Sunday, December 18, 2011


The 28th.  Another year without a Christmas.  Next year...


Anonymous said...

My lease runs out on December 30th. I definitely don't want to keep doing this... and am seriously thinking of not signing another year's lease this month so I can break the cycle. It's the worst time possible to move... and it's too difficult to find a place at that time of year if I have to move (and while I won't have to move this year, I DO have to move next).

Do you know that on the Eastern Calendar Christmas is January 7th? If you want to celebrate, it could be an alternative... and just think of the after-holiday sales you can benefit from by celebrating later!

RNegade said...

Hey, Christmas spirit abides mostly in one's heart, yes? The trimmings are wonderful, but not crucial. Of course that's MUCH easier to say if (like me) you haven't had to pack up or move for over 30 years! :)

Enjoy your sweet family! Find some mistletoe. ;)