Thursday, December 1, 2011

I think I need to start blogging again.

Today is her two month birthday.  She has and will continue to change my life.  This is my daughter Gabriella born at 12:01 am on October 1st.

I need to get back in touch with myself.  I hate being fat - can't believe I am saying that but it's all relative. I was 209 at my highest weight when pregnant.  I only know it was that high because I had my sister peek at the scale for me.  The weight gain was hard.  I was 166 the day I found out which was January 27th- see the post below.  I was 186 this morning.  I had high hopes for my day and I ate like crap.  Accountability?  To the internets?  Do I need it?  Maybe.

I know I can do this- I can climb this 20+ pound mountain.  It's not 185 pounds.  I'd like to get back to under 160 so 26 pounds.  That's only 14% of what I had lost in the past.  I have a completely different life now and different responsibilities.  But I know I can.  I must.  Life post pregnancy is kicking my ass.  All my joints hurt, my wrists especially.  The knee?  A MESS.  Hurts in all the ways it possibly can.  But the big difference from where I was a year ago?  When I was sporting my cane and a HP Placcard?  Her.  And thyroid meds.  More on that to come.  I need to keep getting up and going.  One foot in front of another.  As they said in the hospital- do that hard now for the easy later.  Welcome back to hard Sarah.

I'm back.


Sarah said...

Welcome back to blogging!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Wow - congratulations on your baby girl - she's gorgeous!

Welcome back to blogging - we've missed you :)

bbubblyb said...

She's such a cutey and what a sweet name :) So nice to have you back blogging, we have missed you :)

Shauna said...

Congratulations to you! I just discovered you were writing again. Your daughter is so beautiful. Hope you are feeling okay. Now to catch up :)