Sunday, December 4, 2011

I don't bake

My Aunt whipped up a blueberry buttermilk coffee cake this morning for breakfast from scratch!  Who does that?  Certainly not me.  Makes the every once in a while treats that much more special and yummy.  She also made a red velvet cake for last night's desert with some sort of boiled frosting.  Her binder of recipes is epic.  3 inches, plastic sleeves.  She's making 16 types of cookies / candies for her box this year. I want one.

Wasn't a great food weekend, but the treats were home made.

In other news, my baby is a trooper- over 4 hours each day in the car, a tree hunt, 11 relatives and then a trip to see Daddy and friends at the office when we got home.

I need to nap while she naps.

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