Thursday, November 4, 2010


School is a lot of work.  Good happy work.  Amazing though the judgement that just oozes out of some of these girls.  Really, this is EXACTLY why I want to become an RD.

I have so many thoughts on ADA and the profession... trying to bring it all together in my head, but not quite comfortable blogging about it yet.  Stay tuned.

After today I can only hope that with age will come awareness.  I forget what it is like to be 19.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you about the judgement. In nursing school the watchword was "noncompliance", and it was always the client's *choice* to remain morbidly obese, even with cardiac issues signalling a potentially reversible yet horrid outcome, even when told they would lose their feet if they didn't get a handle on their blood sugar...even if the patient was trying to live on less than minimum wage...

It seemed to me that the label of "noncompliance" was a nurse's way of refusing to admit that the solutions to the problems associated with over eating and obesity might be more complex than our current system of support can sustain. In other words, the studies in Europe that showed good results from patient education combined with diet could not be replicated here in the U.S. where patient education has come to mean a 10 minute stern lecture and a brochure, whereas in the country where the study originated, patient education meant ongoing support, one on one, week after week, month after month, and economic help with access to nutritious food, if necessary. You know, supportive CARE, not lip service. Argh.

Rant over. :/


Sarah said...

Robin, can you email me? sarah jean at gmail , it's also on the side bar.

Have some questions for you if you don't mind, kinda feel like I know you at this point and would love to chat about your experience?


Anonymous said...

Sure thing!

Um, this isn't anything like getting called to the principal's office, right?

*shifty-eyed throat clearing*


So, you already knew I have a silly side. I hope.