Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're no Meredith

Had Synvisc shot last week but not without more bullshit and drama.

All admins and support staff get compared to Meredith.  It's a fact that I have these experiences with which to contrast and compare.  It's also a fact that all of these experiences have lowered my tolerance for bullshit.  I have no problem asking direct uncomfortable questions when you are rude or not doing your job.

Anyway, Meredith... She was support to Dr. Donaldson at Tufts NEMC and awesome at her job.  A rare combination of both competent and courteous.  Not exactly warm but that was okay.  She always made the Doc look good, I never had to chase for anything and she didn't second guess me.  She set the bar high.

The experience I've had with the support staff in current Doctor's office? Sucks.   Do I get to blog the bad with the good?  It's my experience, my POV but I wonder if it's appropriate.  What happened last week was enough for me to ponder quitting this Doc. Maybe I'm just coming from place of pain or hyper sensitivity based on my US Healthcare System class...  Maybe.

Fact: Appointment was cancelled and doctor's office failed to notify me about it.

Sigh.  While situation was obviously remedied the emotional energy I wasted was too much.  It shouldn't be this difficult to get good care!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope I'm more like Meredith! No reason not to treat people with kindness and courtesy, even when my competence could be better. :)

It's important to see the strengths in people (patients, I mean), but equally critical to recall that they are vulnerable, too, because they ARE people in need (patients). Some traits can't be taught, I suppose, and some traits are made worse by an overburdened, dysfunctional system.

The instances of rudeness that wound me these days are those originating from loved ones who feel confused by, or uncomfortable with, the priorities in my life that I've developed during my quest to improve my health and fitness. I was grateful for their unconditional love when I was 100 lbs heavier, and I would appreciate it now, too, even though I don't behave the same as before.

*sigh* Always new things to learn and ponder I suppose.

Hope your knee is not being *rude* to you right now. :)


Sarah said...

Yeah... family dynamics change. Relationship dynamics change. I've not been met with too much resistance/rudeness. But sometimes I like to think that it would be nice to have bit more help, a bit more support. But then I think, I can do with out it and I have done with out it. Maybe telling myself that my issues with food are not my husbands issues with food was a way to insulate me from his inability to help.

I'm wounded by rudeness from strangers simply because I find it unnecessary and also because it reminds me of how ppl would treat me when I was heavy. It's an uncomfortable place for me to be and reminds me of what life was like all the time. Hard not to be affected by that. I don't have very thick skin.