Saturday, November 6, 2010

Be nice to your knees

I'm sporting a nasty viral rash.  Pain included.

Thankfully it's not like the knee pain.  I'd NEVER!  But sadly there has been a rash of stories in my Google alerts lately about people taking their own lives because they can't deal.

I get it.

Shot happens on Thursday.  


Anonymous said...

Hang in there.

bbubblyb said...

Sorry to hear about your rash hope it clears up quickly.

Anonymous said...

I was looking through your archives today to see when I started commenting...what a trip it has been! I felt such a surge of gratitude, also, because when I found your blog I still believed it couldn't be done. Long term maintenance, that is. Oh, there were examples of women who lost pregnancy weight, and that is super awesome to accomplish too, but I hadn't found an example of a real person, without w/L surgery, sane, who accomplished what you had AND also struggled with physical limitations. Wow. It still excites me. LOL. Seriously.

And now to think it will soon be six years for you...YAAAYYYY!

I knew I would have to find my own way, do a lot of research and experimenting to see what might work for me, but there it was that day, evidence: a tiny glimmer of hope.

If you decide to change your blog towards more general health issues, like you mused about in a recent post, I hope you will keep this blog up too, or at least parts of it, like a little beacon. Gosh, I KNOW I sound really sentimental/corny/verging on cheesy. I don't care.

I saw a weight on my scale this morning that I haven't seen in at least 14 years. AND I finally believe that keeping it off is possible for me.

Thanks for being YOU. Thanks for sharing yourself here.