Monday, February 23, 2009

In case it's not obvious

This blog is really for me, but I just want to let you dear readers know that I do appreciate all of you and am so glad to know that people read this. Venting to the world does help. Maybe down the road I'll be one of those perky helpful bloggers, but right now life is beyond that for me. There are some great places to go for maintenance info and this blog is really about my health, mental and physical and also the journey of getting to where I want to go. Look for a name change I think in the future...

I'm not entirely comfortable giving out advice and all that yet, yes I know I am a success, and no, I'm not hiding anything or refusing to share, it's just that there will come a time when I get to be a licensed professional. I think that will be the appropriate time for me to share my thoughts/opinions on weight loss and of course keeping it off.

So in the meantime I'll update knee stuff, the plastic surgery stuff and the process of getting into school and how all that's going but there will be less focus on my weight. Which currently sits at 165. But I am pain free and hoping to move more as the weather gets warmer. Live a healthy life and your weight will reflect that.

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