Sunday, February 22, 2009


My college GPA is not great, a 2.4 and the direct result of not going to class. You have to go to pass. If you don't go you can't even get yourself a C, which in a world of As and Bs would have done far less damage than a string of Fs and the only slightly better, IF. (Incomplete fail)

There were several semesters in which I started out with the best of intentions, especially those early knee problems... But as my weight climbed higher my class attendance suffered. Physically it was too hard to get there, (Why I ever believed this, I have no idea) the bus dropped me off too far, I didn't have clothes that fit, I hated wedging myself in those horrible desks with the writing surface attached, I had done the reading so why bother showing up in person... The list of excuses went on and on and the only way to drown out that shame and anxiety was to eat more. Can you see the cycle.... that only made it harder to move my bulk.

This time it's different. The classes I'm taking now help, but I'll still need some stellar essays. There is no way I can apply to grad school for dietetics and not speak to my past.

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