Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Third

I'm not as okay with this surgery as I thought. I napped to stop snacking.
No meals today, just a graze.

1/2 Muffin
2 graham crackers with chocolate PB2
home made wheat bread w/ almond butter (half slice)
home made wheat bread w/ butter (crusts actually)
home made wheat bread w mustard, ham and cheese (half sammy)
bowl of berries
mini moo popsicle
the top off those Kahsi granola bars I have
a few corn chips
a piece of carrot cake M brought home from the office
the streusel topping off of the last piece of coffee cake I had made last weekend

And that's it, all before my nap. Now I still feel stuffed and think there will be no more food for me today. Not teh worst binge ever, lots of half portions and never more than one of anything... That stupid mental mind trick helps. I don't feel any better about myself or my situation though. Ugh.

Chicken Teriyaki bowl from Trader Joes without the noodles.

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