Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is better! Three weeks post thigh lift...

Note to self.  No betadine today!  Last of my stitches come out today, and that's good because they unravelling.

Legs look much better today.  Sorry for posting pictures of the awfulness, but I suspect far more people go through this (and worse) than actually say.  Something about plastic surgery is supposed to be all glossy.  It's not, it's surgery.  It's something that has to be endured unfortunately.

I think at three weeks I can say this was a success.  Knock on wood.  Ortho Doc said he was glad to hear I got through this okay.  Okay is a relative term, but no massive courses of anti-biotics is a success in my book.  The rest will heal up and fall into place.


Anonymous said...

YES! Being able to avoid the antibiotics is a huge triumph. (Also, knocks on wood.) It was smart and/or fortunate that you chose to have a vacation before the surgery, and went into it perhaps more relaxed than you would have otherwise. All that stuff matters, I suspect.

Hoping you can get more sunshine too!


Sarah said...

Hi Robin!
That's actually a strategy for me. I can thrown myself into vacation, especially with husband distracting me! Works pretty much every time, I have fun, I chill and then I come home and bam, I really haven't had time to dwell. :c)
Thanks for the well wishes!