Monday, June 7, 2010

I still have stitches

Seeing the plastic surgeon is always an interesting experience.  I'm all concerned about micro-organisms and he's all concerned with the results.  Me too, but... those will come.

So he poked around and examined at me from the front and the back.  He is pleased with look and the outcome.  I always like to hear that.  I had doubled up on the pain killers in anticipation of getting the stitches out today and he did not take them out.  I still have fungus issues.  Said to start alternating the topical creams and he would take them out on Friday.  It wasn't entirely clear to me if it was because he wanted them in longer (that will be 16 days) or if it was because of the fungus.  Probably a bit a both.  So I continue to wash and dry and apply.  He said nothing about the small spot at the T where it has pulled a bit so I assume that's fine.  I also assume I am to continue to wear the compression garment.

Sigh.  I'm trying to be positive, just was hoping to move on today.


Anonymous said...

Have you found any helpful forums (message boards) for plastic surgery? Support for what you are experiencing would be nice coming from others who have been there. But then again, not many in your situation (maintaining so long, and no WLS), perhaps, so maybe you are used to being ahead of the curve? (I was going to say *avante guarde* but my spelling has gone to hell and too lazy to look it up.)

Any way, thanks for providing good insight and information along the way. The compression clothing info was an eye opener! I'm going to get there, too, I know that now. It really is about loving myself enough to take good care of my body (and mind) and respect my needs.

May your healing process continue uneventfully!


Sarah said...

There are a couple that I read and neither are really suited to me.

One is and it's a general plastics board. I get frustrated over there because it's a lot of boobs and facelifts. And a lot of unrealistic expectations by the few who do post in the body contouring threads.

Another is the plastic surgery forum over at Sigh. I think a lot of people who lose weight without surgery are scared of this process. If you are a bariatric chances are you have been invited to a plastics seminar or it has been mentioned along the way. A surprising amount of bariatric surgeons also do plastic surgery! Yikes. Mine was $$$ but I went with the best in Boston. Totally worth it imho. Anyways The OH board is full of people over eager to further rearrange there parts... Again, not really for me, and you can totally depressed by the horror stories over there.

This is a process for sure but one worthy of being looked into.

Sarah said...

By the way I am the MASTER at spelling avant garde. My one and only tattoo is a Russian Firebird as stylized by a Russian avant garde artist Natalia Goncharova. Lots of people say she looks like a chicken. But I love her. Comes from a backdrop screen of a Diaghilev ballet.