Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last summer I had lorazepam

And it was easier.  I am stressing over every bump, lump, spot of pink, peeling skin and fading bruise.   I still expect it to take six weeks.  Just with a lesser degree of difficulty and maintenance on my part.

Oh and the stitches.  What exactly is coming out on Friday I wonder?

This summer I have not asked and it has been hard on my heart.

I can deal.  I'm getting through this okay but I wish I could hurry up an heal.


Anonymous said...

Totally off topic: The more weight-loss blogs I read, the more I wonder about the intersection between dieting behaviors and eating disorders. It seems like I see a lot of the latter going untreated, and perhaps even complicated by overly restrictive dieting. I notice all or nothing kinds of thinking and behaviors, for example. I am applying to work as a nurse in behavioral health (formerly called mental health), and from past experience (both personal and professional) I know there is a fine line between encouraging healthy changes in eating and supporting ED behaviors. Has your RD program addressed this area of concern, and if so, do you recommend any resources for reading (for professionals or *lay* people). Thanks for any views you choose to share. To me, it's a tricky issue.


Sarah said...

Judging by curriculum I would say they do not. Very touch subject for some... They don't cover much counseling at all. Maybe if I had done as undergrad, but Masters level I can take in whatever direction I want and feel like I am at crossroads again with school.

I never felt crazy about losing weight (or maintenance), but I see it and know what you are talking about. Been meaning to start reading about it... I feel pretty damn normal about my own food and weight at this point. But I know small fear lurks that I would read something that I think is normal classified as ED. eg. I go back and forth on the throwing out of food.