Monday, June 14, 2010


I was able to sneak in some quick sunshine on the roof deck today.  I should have worn the two piece bathing suit as the one I have on in the picture pulled on my skin.  Lesson learned. I wasn't up there long, 90 seconds is what the doctor told me I needed to kill off the fungus. Mission accomplished.  And don't worry-- no neighbors were flashed in the pursuit of irradiating my microorganisms.

I suspect these kind of mild complications happen far more often with plastic surgery after massive weight loss than are talked about.  Still this is not easy to go through... but I was thinking to myself while sitting in the sunshine that my plastic surgery experience has renewed my faith in medicine.  I really feel like these surgeries benefit me physically.  Less fat cells on a formerly overweight person is always a good thing, forces my body to make more if it actually needs too. I also feel like my skin is generally healthier, after it has healed of course.  Obviously not quite there yet in the following pictures.  I snapped these with my iPhone.  They are a bit harsh so again, click ONLY if you aren't squeemish!  I couldn't even bring myself to put them under the fold...

Right Leg - Steri-strip + Betadine + Microorganism = Ouch
Right Leg - But it is actually healing!
Left Leg - Steri-strip + Betadine + Microorganism = Not as bad Ouch
Left Leg - But is not healing as well...

Yesterday and today (until I got some sun and more Lotramin) have been two of the most uncomfortable that I have experienced. The itch and pain and have been pretty intense and I feel like I have been more swollen since the stitches came out on Friday.  Everyone else keeps telling me that the swelling has gone down however so maybe it is the fact I have been wearing the stage two compression garment during the day.  I'm feeling quite compressed and since I removed all the steri-strips it helps me feel held together.

Hopefully I notice a difference tomorrow and my skin will be calmer, it's certainly starting to feel that way already.

Sarah + Sunshine = Happiness!


Lori said...

You'll get there. I have to tell you that I think you look amazing, bruises, fungus, and all in the post you put up the other day.

You just would never know you were 180 pounds heavier.

Jean said...

I wrote almost the same thing over at Kate's but it's true for you, too-- I'm so sorry about the pain, but you look wonderful! You look like that hand gesture men used to make in the Pleistocene age, when I was growing up... you know the one I mean, where they sketch out a woman's body with their hands? Out, then in, then out? Anyway, you look like that and it looks great! Here's to a speedy recovery.

Deb said...

That looks ouchie! Wishing you speedier healing.