Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've gotten all clear for...

Walking.  Any distance I want.  This is excellent news.   Even though that spot on left leg is still healing.

In other news husband came home the other day with literature from the office building...  There is a really nice gym near by.  Like between here and his work.  It's the health club attached to one of the hotels and it has a pool.  He's been encouraging me to join.  Not in a "Honey, you're fat way," but in a "Honey, you are unsteady on your feet," way.  I know it.

I think it is time to add some exercise back into my life.  The excuses are getting old.  Even I am tired of them and they sound so hollow.  I can keep my pain manageable.  And the wear & tear?  It's going to happen regardless.  Maybe being stronger will balance that out?  I don't know, but I should at least try.

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Lori said...

Yay on walking as far as you want!