Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you eat in the bedroom?

Husband and I have had many conversations about this.  No eating in bed, please.  I know I made the mistake of having a popsicle recently and I think that made it seem like I was okay with it.  But I'm not, I just wasn't moving that well after surgery. It's a combination of things... the chewing noises, the crumbs, the chocolate on white sheets and of course it's also mental.

For me bedtime is that-- bedtime, crawl in, close your eyes and drift off.  I have a hard time falling asleep and often can't until he shows up.  Husband takes his time, needs to decompress, I get it, but I don't understand why that includes a snack in bed when he could have easily stayed at his computer and eaten there.

Just now he crawled into bed with a piece of chocolate cake!  I kicked him out and I don't feel bad about it.  It's late, I have to get up early for therapy and I just want some rest.

I fear this is something he will never understand about me.  I try so hard not to let my food ish affect his life, I know I have said before my issues should not be his issues.  I fail at that sometimes and I know it.

But seriously, chocolate cake?  Sigh, it's something to talk to my therapist about.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

I understand. I have eaten in bed in the past, but that was back when I was at my heaviest. If I do eat in bed now, it'll be because someone made me breakfast in bed (hasn't happened yet), or if I'm sick and it's soup! Or if I'm injured or something :)

I hate watching t.v. in bed too. It's too tempting to just let the hours slip by in bed watching t.v.

Sarah said...

Yeah, no TV in their either. On purpose.

I hope you get the breakfast in bed though!

Annie said...

I used to eat in bed, but I don't anymore since working on losing weight. My husband still does and now it bothers me whereas is never used to.

Anonymous said...

IMO - the bedroom is for sleep and sex. Food should be kept in the kitchen or dining room/eating areas. The bedroom is sanctuary for rest, relaxation, pleasure .... not having a late night snack --- keep that to the food areas of the house. You wouldn't (hopefully) bring your chocolate cake into the bathroom with you, right?

Lori said...

It is so rare for me to eat in bed, because I have usually brushed my teeth by the time I am in there.

When I hurt my back, I ate meals in bed and it was just weird.

Anonymous said...

No way! No food in bed, not even when sick, although I have been known to bring a cup of tea up there at times to sip as I read a magazine or watch a little TV before bed.

Part of the reason is sanitary: I don't want crumbs in my eye when I roll over and my comforter is too large for my washer, so I have to bring it to the special extra large washers at the laundromat to clean.

The other reason is because I need a place where I can't eat food. It's an escape if I get the munchies. That place is the bedroom and the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Let the poor hard working guy eat where and when he wants, geesh... you need to chill out

Sarah said...

Yeah, I think the same too anon, and then he wakes me up eating ice cream at 1:30am. meh.