Friday, April 2, 2010

You've done too much?

I hiked, well, my version of it, in the Fells with my twin sis this morning. After sitting on my ass all week feeling sorry for myself it was good to get out. I laced up the hiking boots and off we went. She took some pictures I think... We went up and down and up and over and across. Lots of rocks, water and generally things to be aware of. I had to remind myself to look up every once in a while.

Now I am resting on the sofa and my knee is doing this fun little buzzy thing. It's nerve related no doubt, just near where the needle was yesterday. It's not painful, just distracting, almost like a tiny little pulsating electrical current. I'll ice it and see what happens. Regardless, so awesome to get outside. I swear I am a better person in the sunshine!

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Diana said...

I definitely think sunshine does wonders. I'm always happier during the spring/summer months. :)