Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I need to stop saying things out loud

Like, oh hey, I haven't experienced that weird reaction this time after the Synvisc on Sunday. Fast forward a couple of days and although it was slightly different this time, (maybe because longer time frame) that same creepy cold tingling, joint pain and feet and hand puffiness returned. Drugs are only as good as their side effects. Glad it has mostly passed but still freaked out by how that rolled through my body yesterday. Yikes! I was on train headed to Providence and I felt this rush of reaction (for lack of a better word) started in my neck and and chest and worked its way down my extremities. Jaw pain started shortly before, and then it also worked it's way down through more joints... elbows, wrists and fingers, knees and toes. Ick. I've been shaking my hands all day to keep it at bay and walked a bunch. This feeling is neurological I think? I know enough about the body to know what I don't know. But this is not in my head, and I wonder what's causing this. What are my cells up to? History tells me it will pass. But creepy man, Creepy.

Other things I shouldn't say out loud include, oh hey, I've been really good to my current MacBook, no catastrophes yet. And then I go and drip Boursoin on the track pad and kill the connection. 150.00$ stupid snack tax later I can get to my stats homework.

And last but not least, yesterday I proclaimed my excitement over my next round of plastics being in 5 weeks. Looking like 7 now. Two more weeks won't kill me but I am ready to get on with this. Still, hopefully the delay means a vacation and I certainly wouldn't mind a week off with M.

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Lori said...

I am always afraid saying things outloud will jinx them LOL!