Monday, April 26, 2010

Three falls in four weeks

My ankle is a mess. I need to pitch the Dansko clogs, they are killing me. Every fall recently has been in those shoes. They feel good but they are too high and the heel to narrow. I know this and yet I put them on again today. I was tying to be good person and head off to class early to get some work done. My semester while ok, has not been great. February sadness morphed into a painful and preoccupied March that has stretched into April with my knee. /blogress

I think the clogs are okay when my ankle is strong but it is so far from that right now. Yikes. The pain is making me twitchy. Thank goodness I was just outside the apartment. A couple people stopped. That's always encouraging, they don't stop when you're fat. I'd still rather be in pain than be 345 but I must get this under control. Beating myself up is something of my past.


Anonymous said...

You have been such an inspiration to me. Since I found your blog, I started tracking my food, I've lost about 22 lbs, bought a recumbent bike for indoor riding (it's easier on my joints), and I feel a little better with each passing week. Your blog has made a big difference. I'm sorry to hear you are strugging with falls and pain. :( That really sucks. Do you have any ideas about fresh approaches you could try? Ditching the Danskos sound like a good plan to start.

Sending good thoughts your way,

Sarah said...

Thanks Robin. I'm glad to hear that. What you are doing is what it takes. Nothing crazy-- just teaching yourself about what you are eating and looking for ways that can be improved. Im actually writing it down right now too, every once in a while I need the reminder.

As for a new approach I need one. I feel about as desperate and out of control as I did at 300 plus pounds. I feel as if this last fall was rock bottom. Ah-ha moment even. Now i just need to change my thinking about exercise and find some will. Falls are motivating, but willing past pain is hard. This journey never ends.

anne said...

do i need to scoot over to your building in the morning and work out with you? would you consider PF with me? i'm happy to help you find some motivation. :)