Thursday, April 1, 2010

"You look nice."

I love hearing this every morning. And pretty much without fail the husband says this to me before he wanders away for the day. I feel tiny this morning! An over washed and shrunken denim skirt from J Crew in an 8. A medium sweater from Banana Republic and the cutest underthings ever from a store I spent a lifetime wishing I could shop in.

Life is good.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

"I feel tiny this morning"...did you ever think you'd be saying those words when you were larger?

I'm looking forward to the day when I will feel "tiny" too!

So good that life is good!

Lori said...

Feeling tiny is a great feeling - keep hold of it!

Sarah said...

Honestly, so many times I said I'll never be tiny. I didn't know what it was! This is it for me. :c)

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

My heart swells for you today! :) Yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does being thin ever make you feel more vulnerable compared to when you were heavier?

Also, as pretty as you are, I assume you get *cat calls* when you're walking alone on the street (or maybe not?) How do you handle unwanted attention?

I don't really hear women who have lost a lot of weight talk very much about problematic experiences that they really didn't anticipate, other than extra skin. However, feeling more vulnerable has always been an uncomfortable issue for me when I have lost weight. I wonder if many women feel ambivalent about becoming small.

Even this topic is a bit difficult to bring up. It's like I'm supposed to *love* getting thinner, but in truth I don't like some aspects.


Sarah said...

Robin this is a topic that needs a post of it's own.... but a few quick thoughts. Somedays I marvel at what thin beautiful women must have put up with their entire lives. Most men are pigs. Add to that a personality that has been over compensating with kindness and humor for a lifetime-- men get the wrong idea often. I've figured that one out, but it was not easy.

I miss having male friends sometimes. I managed the high school football team and guys were always my go to source. When I got older is was the gay men... I don't have many female friends. It's a lot harder to have male friends looking the way I do now. I try though, all about knowing your limits and managing others expectations.

As for cat calls... yeah they happen. I smile and keep walking.

I do feel vulnerable and I walk a lot in this city... I keep alert and if I get hassled (mostly by packs of drunk men, ugh) I get loud and if that doesn't work, I have pepper spray. :c)

Anonymous said...

"...I have pepper spray."

Smart woman! I have this idea for an invention that combines pepper spray with an air horn. Obnoxious and highly effective. LOL.