Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plastics Update

Wednesday May 26th is now the day. Hopefully I will be nice and rested from a spontaneous vacation.

I met with surgeon on Friday afternoon. A year later this is a different experience. I kind of wish I had had all my plastics before I had taken Anatomy and Physiology, but alas, I did not. Hard to think about cutting through all those tissue layers, healing process and the bugs that can get in there now that I have much better understanding of how the body works. Last years experience makes perfect sense now that I have taken Mirco, I understand how the body can react but how it's possible that there isn't an actual infection.

We chatted scar revision first. PS thinks that should help my "awareness issue". He only cuts down through skin layer. Not much else there but what ever scar tissue is attached to the bone he leaves as is. He is also going to cauterize all the blood vessels that are left from too tight somethings over the years as well. He said he'll do his best to make my knee look pretty. YaY!

As for thighs I really have no idea how much will go but I suspect a lot. There will be two layers of stitches, the PA called him meticulous! There will be drains based on scar shape. That had been a change since last time and again indicates to me that much skin will be going. Scar is T shaped that will run up and attach to TT scar from last summer and will wrap half way under my buttock in back. Hard for me to picture but he said he wants the cross of T higher in front for a better shape. That's also where drains will pop out.

In addition he said that after looking at my pictures he'll be doing some lipo on my right thigh on the outside. I can see the asymmetry in the mirror.... A bit weirded out by the cosmetic portion of all this. Really I think of it as functional not cosmetic. I'm so hesitant to ask the vanity questions in the office and was surprised about lipo in that spot too. That's something I really can't think about.... Scarred by that show The Swan on Fox several years back. They did a ton of lipo on those ladies. Looked brutal, but then again I'll be asleep. I'm also paying out of pocket so what ever he has to do to give me great legs is fine by me I guess.

I'm trying to give my body best shot at hassle free recovery. Eating well, lots of protein, even a vitamin for next five weeks or so. Laying off the drugs and alcohol too. Hell, if getting down on my knees and begging my body to cooperate would help I'd do that too.


Lori said...

Sometimes it is best not tho think about what happens while you are asleep :D

I am so glad you are going through with this and can complete your full transformation!

Anonymous said...

I also view your upcoming surgery as mostly functional, but with fortunate cosmetic side effects. I imagine it will boost your motivation to exercise because walking, for instance, will FEEL better...more balanced. Good for you for abstaining from *the drink* for a while. That choice should help improve your recovery efforts. And, anyway, the lovely Guiness will still be around in a few months when you're healed. (Can you tell I liked the stuff too much at one time? LOL.)

Take care,