Saturday, December 6, 2008

Living with Food

I think my freezer is a good example of that. Things you can see in here.

Sarah Lee Chocolate Cream Pie
M bought it for me thinking it would make me feel better while ill. It's tasty but everything is still in small bites. I have had an 1/8th of it so far.
Culinary Circle Chocolate Molten Cake
These have 730 calories a piece, two per box. M and I split one the other night and didn't finish it. Again, something he bought to make me feel better. I can't tell him no, I just need to live with it.
Mrs. Smith Pimpkin Pie
I'm not sure this will ever get eaten, it was on sale. Again an M purchase.
Puff Pastry
Philo Dough
I use both of these for my pot pie. Depending on how I am feeling, they bring a different a taste to the crust. I also use them to wrap up fish with spinach and pesto and bake. Yum.
Chopped Frozen Cilantro
I use this all the time when M makes nachos or tacos. I make a veggie topping with peppers and black beans, garlic, lemon juice and a cube of this. Adds flavor.
Both shelled and unshelled. The unshelled I steam, lightly salt and eat as a snack. The shelled I add to salads or to some steamed dumplings that you can also see in there and then quickly stir fry with other veggies to make a quick hot meal.
Frozen Veggies
Most have the same nutrition as fresh and they come is handy little steam bags, all sorts of flavors etc. Useful for adding to the frozen fresh pasta I also have in there.
Chicken Pieces
This is also for my pot pie or for fajitas. I'll roast it and then shred it myself. Little extra work but worth the flavor.
Cat Nip
If this stuff is not kept in the freezer I have a kitty who will seek and destroy.
And Ice
I can never have enough ice.

So that's my freezer-- a mix of me and M. There are things in there I could inhale but don't. Learning to live with this stuff has been a key to my success. I know many people say to remove all temptation and sometimes I feel like M is sabotaging me, but this is life. And I need to live it, even with chocolate cream pie in the freezer.

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