Friday, December 12, 2008

December Eleventh

Fiber One Bar
Large Iced Vanilla Coffee from DD
French Cruller (that didn't get eaten until 3pm)

Pretzel Thins

1/2 WW Pita with Chicken Breast, Mayo, Mustard and Lettuce
Fruit Cup
M brings these home form the office for me, mostly cantaloupe and honeydew, the occasional strawberry and pineapple too.
10 Hershey Kisses w/Almonds

Chicken and Veggie Soup
Pineapple chunks

Snack during Lecture
Venti Iced Coffee w/milk
Fiber One Bar
A small handful of M's peanuts
1 Swedish Fish

Not the greatest day nutritionally, but it's that TOM and I was a little stressed this morning. Took the twin sis to a appt.--normally she is the one who comes with me.... Worrying is hard work. Mmmm, chocolate, more almonds than chocolate, or so I tell myself, but still what I needed on this dreary rainy somewhat stressful day.

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