Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Great Closet Purge

Tomorrow my twin sister is coming over to help me go through my closet. We have done this before, but it's time again. Now it's winter and I still have things I will no longer wear or have moth holes. It is hard to give up the cashmere so maybe I'll make some kitty pillows out of them.

Twin sis is about my weight now but the inch I have on her makes clothes fit differently. It's been a blast sharing with her. I barely got out of my own way this week, but did manage to swing by her house with a jacket for her to wear to a party Wednesday evening. Her Facebook status the next day. "... is glad I don't have to explain to my sister how I misplaced her favorite vintage blazer." Yeah, that's one of those things I have that is a wear once and return. It's a gorgeous cotton velvet in a deep cranberry from Filene's.

So hopefully she'll help me get rid of stuff to make my closet more manageable. There are things I have in our size now that she had purchased in a larger size that I can pass her way. There are also some thing I purchased not for me, but in the hopes that someday she would be able to wear them. We are there. One of those items was a vintage green leather trench. Something about it never was right for me but looks fabulous on her.

Silly that this makes me happy as a grown adult but we haven't shared clothes since high school. Life is good.

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