Monday, September 15, 2008


I really like the birth control I am on-- it makes life predictable. When I was heavy it never occurred to me that I would need birth control, who would have sex with me. I also wasn't having my period regularly. I was diagnosed with PCOS in the fall 1997 and told to lose some weight. I didn't listen and things got worse before they got better. I think in 1999 I had my period twice. Seriously.

That's all a memory now and lucky for me the ring is about as regular as you can get. No more second guessing my irritableness. Makes it easier to identify and move on. Which I am trying my best today. My patience is pretty thin because I am in so much pain. I see my PCP on Friday now. We will be chatting about my knee. I am over the orthopedics guy for the moment. My knee s a big ball of raw pain. Oh, and stiff. I hate the stiffness.

I went for a ride this morning. I was hoping to hit the bike trail but ended up ferrying a forgotten witness binder DT instead. Worked out some of the kinks, physically anyways.


Alexandra said...

I lost about 70 pounds and am hovering at around 170 at the moment, and finding it really tough to get anything else off, though I've been fighting all year.

Is there some sort of secret I don't know about? How are you finding it? I know maybe more exercise is the answer, but like you, I have joint problems. What pain meds do you favour?

Sarah said...

Ah pain meds. I take Ultram which is an odd little drug. I find it addictive and the more I take it the less it works so I have to go off and then back on. Not ideal but it works. I take a prescription strength anti inflammatory. Ibuprofen is too much for my tummy these days. I also am a big believer in ice. Helps immensely especially after a workout.

I have no secret. But I have found that in the past my body needs to adjust before it drops anymore weight. Plateaus suck mentally but I think are necessary for your body to catch up. I am not a believer in the set point theory and think that if you continue to work at it it will come off. I stalled at 280, 240 and 165ish myself. It took some patience (months to years) to get past those moments and not want to toss in the towel. They taught me about maintenance and the need for the scale to just be stable, the constant up and down just isn't good for you or your metabolism. Congrats on your loss, the rest will come off, just give it time.