Friday, September 5, 2008

Regular Bogging to Resume Shortly

Vacation is almost over. :( I have been having a fabulous time but man it was cold camping up in Yellowstone. We actually bailed a day early and have been in Casper Wyoming. If you ever find yourself in this town you must eat at the 303. Best food I have had in a really long time. My salmon was perfect, M's Diablo steak was divine. The carrot cake cheesecake for dessert was a perfect combination of the two.

I'll be ready to get back to my life and a regular pattern of eating. Last year on vacation I lost weight, but I was working at it, this year, I just let it go. Not to say I ate everything in sight, I managed to practice good portion control (except for a bread off the buffet at the Old Faithful Inn at breakfast-- I had 5 pieces the last morning but to be fair it was about 1x3 inches and sliced thin.)

We walked a lot (and I had a small moment about my hiking pants, but that is another post) however my knee has been acting up. Not sure if the cortisone shot was the way to go. We hiked about 15 miles in total. I love seeing the geysers you have to work for. I imagine in the winter we will trek back out to Lonestar... on cross country skis. Fun stuff. Anyways, the knee, something VERY crunchy in there that kept stopping me mid stride. I tried to hike through the pain and was moderately successful at it but I have no idea what is wrong in there. Hopefully it will wear itself out. I just have to keep going-- the trekking poles helped a ton, very much like a cane.

So that's that. I am looking forward to fall and getting back into a routine. I am also looking forward to stepping on the scale, even if I see a number above 160 I'll be okay with that. We were watching CNN today and a Fit Nation segment came on... A man lost 190 pounds by diet and exercise. The first hundo came off by walking and he said he would never go back. I hear that. Even with all the indulgences this week I am confident that this is me for good.

One last thought... I managed to catch some RNC and was glued to the DNC last week. Where was the talk about Health care? And specifically obesity? Hucklebee (whom I had issues with but think he gets the weightloss thing) was the only one giving a voice to the obesity epidemic. If you want to call it that... There is no arguing with the fact that Americans are larger than they used to be but whether it is an epidemic, I can't say. I have been keeping up with my Google alerts via my iPhone and everyday I am seeing more and more from the Brits and the Aussies about this problem and specifically what their governments are trying to do about it. Again, that is another post, I am not sure that they are going about it the right way, but at least they are doing something. I have seen nothing from either candidate about the state of health care and how we are killing ourselves with food. Something to look into when I get home and am not limited to the constraints of blogging off my phone.


Virginia said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I too lost weight recently. About two years ago, I weighed 225 and then got down to my goal weight of 135-140. It's something I still struggle with everyday. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Sarah said...

Congrats on your loss! It's a whole new way of life isn't it? I imagine that the struggle will never really go away but it does get easier. Time heals but the scars (Or in my case, stretch marks) will always remain. The further I get from morbid obeasity the harder it is to remember how to live my life like that. That's a good thing.
Thanks for the comment it is good to know that there are others out there!