Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Same Store Sales Were Up, Way Up

And I helped.

We had McDonalds a few times on vacation. I prefer Subway but sometimes you have to take what you can get. I had stopped eating there for the longest time after I saw Fast Food Nation. But.... well, I do enjoy their ice cream cones. I know they are mostly chemicals, but they are still yummy and a quick treat if you can catch them on the right day. Currently you can get a cone for 50 cents. Bargain. I can remember when I was in Russia one summer and the were 2 rubles. I have no idea what they are now. In my before and afters you can see a picture of me at the Golden Arches in Yaroslavl'. I ate there a lot when I was over seas.

These days I occasionally order a hamburger or a small fry. I also enjoy one of their salads, the better choices are clearly helping their bottom line. I haven't order an extra value meal since they stopped super sizing them. M loves the nuggets. I'll snag one if they are hot but as soon as they cool down. Nasty. All things in moderation. Well, except the mondo Diet Coke (44 ounces maybe?) I got for 89 cents at the one in Louisville, CO off of McCaslin. They are pimping RedBox, (DVD rentals in McDonalds?!?!?) not sure if they are doing this on the east coast or not but the soda came with a little coupon on the cup for a free rental so I peeled it off and gave it to the guy standing in front of the box.

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