Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm old

Well, I feel old after the weekend and I know it has to do with my knee. We set up for the yard sale on Saturday and there was a lot of box lifting. Somehow I managed to squish my engagement ring so that the diamond wedged itself into my skin. I didn't feel it when it happened, I can only imagine how it would have felt if I had had the ring on. This engagement ring, while I love the heart shaped diamond flanked by two pink sapphires has been kind of a pain in the ass. The prongs like to move and now that the whole setting has been bent I am thinking about maybe a new ring, but with the same stones will see.

I blogress, so Sunday we went to the flea market. It was fun, but I hurt. I only saw about a third of the vendors and spent most of the time soaking up the sunshine. I hate feeling so limited. I am not sure how it has come to this, but it has. There was a great article on today about bum knees. Tom Brady will keep this in the local media for a while. I have a triple whammy of arthritis causes.
Cartilage degrades over the years in the presence of arthritis. Sometimes, arthritis is triggered by genetics. Sometimes, by obesity. And, sometimes, it's the legacy of an injury sustained decades earlier, on the high-school football field or the college basketball court.

I made an appointment to speak with the joint replacement surgeon. I'll be very interested to see what he has to say, that appointment is a week from this coming Friday. Someone once told me I have the knee of a 65 year old. I'd believe it based on how difficult it was to get around this weekend. Even a my heaviest I could still walk, not far, but I could walk. Right now I feel hobbled.


Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about the bad knees. I have the same kind of issues... severe arthrisits with no cartilage left, bone spurring and a torn meniscus. Sucks. My ortho told me I need a knee replacement but instead I went with the weight loss and followed his advice on riding a recumbent exercise bike daily, and doing a bit of PT exercises at home. Now I can walk and stuff. I still have pain and will still need a replacement someday, but I want to puot it off for better technology. Ask if a recumbent bike might help you too, if you want. It has worked wonders for me.

Sarah said...

I love my bike. And it is my preferred method of getting around, it helps keeps things loose and it doesn't hurt like walking does.

I think that if it was just the arthritis then I would be able to put it off longer but add to that the multitude of surgeries because of bone issues, the lack of stability and my wear and tear is on the fast track.