Monday, September 8, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

157 this morning. In the past I have had such a love hate relationship with the scale, but now I try to see it as simply a tool. Back in college I literally tossed a scale out the window of my dorm I was so aggravated by it. No one was below, it landed on the roof of the dinning hall. So what did I learn from this vacation? My choices were okay. Going a week without weighing was a little nerve racking and I didn't have my two favorite items of clothes with which to judge fit by, but I did all right. I don't know why I am so surprised by that.

I read somewhere recently that a good indication of your hydration is a non fluctuating scale. Makes sense-- people speak of water weight all the time. I wish I had known that in college, would have saved me a shattered scale.


Vickie said...

I would agree with the hydration - and for myself - whole foods also keep the scale steady. Processed stuff causes wild scale fluctuations for me - whole foods do not.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I agree with that too. Processed foods tend to back me up. ick.

Allison said...

I'm considering not weighing in for a week because my scale is driving me nuts. I just stopped the South Beach Diet, and am instead focusing on eating healthy foods and working out, but weighing in right now, while I'm in this transitional stage, is really pissing me off.