Thursday, September 11, 2008

It was a lotsa carbs kinda day or so I thought

Breakfast was a Flavor and Fiber Bar from Gnu Foods. It wasn't to bad, very chewy, but I have had worse recently. Like those dreadful softbaked bars from Kashi, the BlackBerry Graham were gross. Bland and not tasty at all. I digress. I needed a trip to Trader Joes which is where I found the Gnu Bar. I was still hungry though when I got home as it was only 140 calories so I had 2 mini whole wheat bagels with whipped cream cheese and some berries. Lunch was half a snack bag of baked lays that M didn't finish last night, a sesame chicken noodley type bowl from Trader Joe's and one of their fiber rich berry muffins. (It was a late lunch) Later I had a small bag of baked Doritos when I got back from my ride. Dinner was 6 small salmon avocado rolls from the take out place where M got pad thai and crab rangoons. I almost had one of those but then didn't. Dunno why, they are still sitting in the container on the coffee table staring at me and I am not tempted at all. Out of curiosity I Googled the calories in those. I would say they run about 80 per and have 4 grams of fat per average.

So here I am watching CNN and becoming increasingly annoyed at Ms. Palin and I find myself snacking on yet more carbs, popcorn and fruit. I feel lame buying the baged frozen stuff, but mangos, pineapple and berries are my friends and better for me than ice cream for sure.

Huh, it turns out that I wasn't as carbriffic as I thought today. I was a little over on the recommended percentages, but not by much. Typical Percentages: Fat 20-35%, Carbohydrates 45-65%, Protein 10-35%, and Saturated Fats less than 9%

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appple said...

have you tried nugo bars? they sell them at the fairway. for a buck, you get an entirely vegan, high protein, lowfat, real chocolate treat. filling and yummy. you should see if you can get your hands on them.