Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Ago

We all remember where we were. I was still in Colorado and on my way to the doctors to see an ortho doc who specializes in non-healing bones. The surgery I had this past March to fill in the hole in my tibia after the screws from the third ACL came out was similar to what I needed fixed back then. But in that case I had let the fluid build up way more and I was 100+ pounds heavier than I am now. He was adamant that surgery had to happen ASAP. The second tower fell as he was telling me that. As I left his office his staff was trying load the CNN website, but it kept crashing-- I only caught a glimpse of the burning Twin Towers. I got out into the waiting room and called home totally absorbed in my own woe. Took several tries but I finally got through to my distraught mother and then to my freaked out sister. (Twin sis has a lovely view of Logan from the 45th floor of a downtown Boston office building.) Surgery was scheduled for a week later I told my mom and I needed her to come out. If I have to drive she said, I'll be there. In the end she flew out, the day after Logan reopened. Amazing how far we have all come since then. Time heals but some moments are never to be forgotten.

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