Monday, September 29, 2008

More Credit Crunch

Pardon my musings, but I often like to look at current events through the lens of weightloss.

I wonder if we will see more people traveling for gastric surgeries-- Mexico, Thailand etc. With financing no longer a sure bet and the price of everything going up I fear that more people will add to the risk they are already taking by constricting or rearranging their innards and compound it by being operated on in a country with less standards than our own simply to save a few bucks. Life is so much more valuable than the 5K+ people would save. Some insurance policies are stricter than others though and with the cost of everything going up everyone is going to be re-evaluating. I know how the pharma industry feels about them approving this surgery not only for weight loss, but also curing diabetes, and who knows what else. Vanity maybe?

Second, with the sky falling, will more people resort to at home cooking and taking your own lunch? Preparing your own meal is almost always better for you and always cheaper than eating on the fly. I saw an add yesterday on CNN or MSNBC (the only things I am watching lately) yesterday for Boar's Head luncheon meats. They are attempting to capitalize on this very thing.

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