Friday, March 9, 2012

You can't lose while counting your maintenance calories.

I wonder how it will be on Sunday? It's my carb day.  Sweet potatoes and rice?  Yes please!
Currently I'm eating the 6 "meals" that are for days 4-6. A bit more fat and that's helping me be less hungry.  When I have more than a minute I'll write it down.

Ah-ha moment today.  Counting calories of the foods that I was eating in maintenance was not going to help me lose weight.  Not real weight anyways.

I've been to countless blogs lately that make me want to scream through my screen "Y U NO TALK ABOUT MAINTENANCE?

It's a post in itself. You can't be a weight loss blogger forever if you've come even remotely close to goal.  I saw one woman totally get that this week and I love her for it.  The internets needs more women like her, but the rest.  Ugh.  I'm annoyed.  I don't care about your bounce pounds... They are most likely a result of your denial of maintenance.  Get off the weight loss wagon and live your life maintaining! They are two different skills, you can't ignore that if you want to live with food.


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