Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Pick one.
181.6 - the weight I've seen since last Wednesday.
180.4 - the weight I saw for the first time yesterday (This time around)

These were the three weights I saw when I weighed myself this morning.  My scale, not the greatest. But I'm happy with that range after a week of effort.  Clearly my scale has a memory.

I don't recall the 180's much.  I was here briefly on my way down in 2004. My excess skin was a huge drag on me at this weight.  I felt skinny but had so much bulk in it.  Now, I feel skinny, but all the bulk is in my butt!  This is no doubt thanks to my plastic surgeries.

I'm feeling pretty awesome about myself.  My sister took some pictures this past weekend and my only complaints are how wonky my poor knee looks.  I'll add... my baby being able to sit by herself is the most awesome thing ever.

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bbubblyb said...

She's a cutey!!! Made me smile and I needed that :)